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Open Enrollment is held annually from November 1 through 30,

for an effective date of January 1. 

All new small business or individual/sole proprietor enrollment applications must include either an NYS45 payroll document, a Schedule C, or a W4 issued to a new hire proving employment by the business.

For questions related to plans, enrollment or forms, please call 518.431.1419 or email our enrollment team.



Enrollment Forms





EMPIRE BLUE VISION PLAN  -  Enrollment Application for Vision plan

GUARDIAN DENTAL - Enrollment/Change Application



Billing and Payment


Premiums for health insurance are invoiced on a monthly basis through Business Services Corporation dba Benefit Choices. ​Bills are mailed mid-month covering the following month; payment is due on the first of the month. (i.e., February premium invoice is mailed mid-January and is due February 1.) Payments not received in a timely fashion incur a late fee of $25.  Coverage may be terminated if payments are more than 30 days past due.


We offer two payment methods:  

  • A Check can be mailed using the envelope provided with your invoice. All payments should be mailed to Benefit Choices, PO Box 10145, Albany, NY 12201.

  • Electronic Payment - By completing our Authorization Form, you can elect to have your monthly premium electronically deducted on the first business day of each month.


For billing or payment questions, or to obtain a copy of your invoice, please call 518.431.1419 and ask for Trish Smith, or use the

email form below.


Business Services Corporation

5 Computer Drive South

Albany NY 12205



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