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COBRA Administration

Each employer providing group health insurance is required to offer continuing health coverage to eligible employees who experience a qualifying circumstance. This is called COBRA - or Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. The Capital Region Chamber is pleased to provide information to help educate and assist our members in complying with federal and state regulations governing this requirement.


What You Need To Know

It is the employer's responsibility to notify the employee in writing of their right to continuation of coverage. If employers have questions or need guidance regarding continuation of coverage requirements, they should contact their COBRA administrator or the group's legal counsel.

If you have a need to set up COBRA coverage for an employee on a group plan through Benefit Choices, please contact our administrator's office for assistance:   518-431-1419.

Helpful Links on COBRA:

Consumer Information on Health Plans - Federal Department of Labor

​New York State FAQ on COBRA

​​​​An Employer's Guide to Group Health Continuation Coverage

DOWNLOAD - This guide summarizes COBRA continuation coverage and explains the rules that apply to group health

plans. It is intended to assist employers that sponsor group health plans to comply with this important Federal law.

COBRA Model General Notice (prepared by Federal DOL)

DOWNLOAD - Various informative general notices about COBRA that can be downloaded.




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